Finance Staffing

MV Cheng & Associates provides finance staffing solutions to municipalities. For over a decade we have served cities, counties, and special districts by providing the most qualified and experienced municipal finance staff in the industry.

Finance Staffing Levels

No matter what area of finance you need a candidate for, MV Cheng & Associates can fill that need. We don’t simply send you someone, our staff is comprised with the most experienced municipal finance candidates in the industry.

The majority of the candidates have worked directly with Ms. Cheng, our President & CEO, at various municipalities or have been highly recommended by others in the industry.

We understand the demands and requirements when providing finance staffing support to municipalities, therefore we make the process simple, quick and easy. Our staff is already trained, so they can get to work immediately.

Municipal Finance Staffing Positions Available

  • Account Clerk
  • Account Technician
  • Payroll Technician
  • Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Budget Analyst
  • Budget Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Purchasing Analyst
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Finance Director
  • and more…

Our goal is to provide you with a staff member that’s ready to go to work. From audit preparation, to annual budgets and bank reconciliations, MV Cheng & Associates’ staff offer various levels of expertise to fit your exact need.

If you’re interested in staffing a Human Resources or Risk Management position, we can help too.

Whether you require a finance director, or simply need an account clerk, MV Cheng & Associates is eager to find you the perfect candidate for exactly the amount of time you need them for.